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MI computing servers

Name      # cores   Proc. type   Speed     Memory   Date purc.

mi-loke      4*8   Intel Xeon       2.7GHz     384GB   2013.09.05

Is running linux the operating system.


From a VPN connection, you may use ‘ssh’.

Be nice policy

Both MATLAB and R have functionality for starting “cloning” processes.

  • Please do not start more than 32 parallel processes (per user/group) on each machine. By “group” it is meant ABM, Pure Math and Statistics.
  • Learn about the “top” command in linux to locate a machine with low current load.

It is the “load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05” on the first line of the output from top that shows the current load of the machine (a load of 64 is acceptable for these machines).

To find out which other members in a group that is using the machine please use the command “finger”.


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