Access home folder from Linux

Here I explain how you can access your home folder from a remote Linux machine.

First of all I connect to UiB via VPN.

When I in the “File Browser” open the location (“Go”–>”Location”)


change the “Domain” from “WORKGROUP” to “UIB” and enter my uib password then I am able to browse and click and drop files with the file browser.

It is also possible to mount your home folder so that you can work with it as if it was a folder on your local hard disk. In order to do this you need “smbfs” which on Ubuntu can by installed by issuing

sudo apt-get install smbfs

Suppose I have an empty directory with the path “~/nturt”. I can mount my uib home folder at “nturt” by issuing the command

sudo mount -t cifs // ~/nturt -o username=uib_user,uid=local_user,noexec

where “uib_user” is my user name at uib and “local_user” is my user name at the Linux machine.

The same recipe works for

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