Connecting to the wireless network

[Update:  The article below was written in 2007.  While it is hopefully still correct, it is now perhaps better to use the “eduroam” wireless network instead, see this article.  SAS]

The university’s wireless net has SSID UiB. Once you have conncted to the wireless net and opened a browser, a dialog box will pop up. Fill in username and password, and you should be able to browse the net, use ssh, print etc. (See separate post on printing.) WARNING: Guests with kurskonto have username of the form username@kurs

You may want (or need) to connect to the VPN (“virtual private network”). Here the difficult part is that your username is for employees, and something analogous for students. Currently the gateway works for employees  ( for students).

See IT-avdelingen for basic information. Probably the information in the student wiki is more accessible. For connecting a Linux machine not run by ITA, this page contains useful information.

VPN is short for “virtual private network”. For us, the relevant use is that UiB uses VPN for the purpose of connecting machines on the wireless network to the big internet outside. In the process your machine is given an IP address in the 129.177 range (which is the UiB range of such addresses).

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