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It appears that there are at least three ways to set up printing. Two of them require VPN to be set up, the third works when you are connected to the wireless net without having set up VPN. One of them is “the Microsoft way” and the other two more Unix-like. Remember to check that the papersize is correct after having set up the printer!

The Studentwiki provides step-by-step instructions for setting up printing on Ubuntu machines.

1. Samba printers. This is the Microsoft way. You first need to have set up a VPN-connection. Then in your printer set up tool you pass the following information


Depending on your printer set up tool it varies exactly how you enter this information. If you have a Windows machine or a Mac, see


If you use linux and gnome-config-printer, you enter

as host, tick off for authentification and fill out username and password. You will be asked for the printer model. Perhaps you should simply go to the printer you want to use and read the model and name on it. (the ending /pullprint can be changed for other printers as for example Mi09_emma).

2. LPD-printers. If you want to use the LPD printer queue you also need have a VPN-connection. The host is

and the queue is whatever printer queue you want to use. For example “pullprint”. Also here you might need to choose the printer model manually. See also IT-avdelingens post on this

3. (DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE) Specify the IP-address of the printer you want to use. This works as soon as you are connected to the wireless net but it does not work with pullprint printers. Go to the printer you want to use, note the IP-address written on it. In GNOME it is done by going from System to Administration to Printing, and choosing “New Printer”. Choose LPD/LPR host printer, fill in the IP-number of the printer, and just follow the dialogs. Often you will want to tick off the Duplex Unit option. The printer model is detected automatically. You might want to change the default paper size to A4 after setting up the printer.

(For alternative Mac instructions, see this post.)

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  1. Just pipe everything through the friendly kprinter program. It handles all types of documents and files, and let’s you easily use ‘n-up’ printing and other advanced features. You can even ‘print’ to PDF.

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