Access your ITA home directory

This post explains how to connect Mac and Linux computers to the central file server.

The information below applies to employees. Students should use the server instead.
If you connect to the central Windows file server (via it is a good idea to unmount this volume before you eventually disconnect your computer from the network, otherwise you may experience hangs later.

For Mac: Note that first you need to make a VPN-connection.
In the Finder, push command-K (the command key is the one with a propeller symbol on it, near the control and option keys).

Fill in server address `smb://’, where you replace “username” by your actual username. Then click “Connect” (or simply hit “Enter” key). If everything goes well, your home directory is mounted under the name “username”, with a Finder window peeping into it. (According to Wikipedia you may also use sshfs. See under Linux below details on sshfs.)

For Windows: Note that first you need to make a VPN-connection. Do as described by IT-avdelingen.

For Linux: You have two options: either you can use sshfs or samba.

1. If you want to use sshfs you first need to ensure that it is installed on your computer. Next create a directory, for example named “uib”. You can now mount your unix home directory by issuing the command

sshfs -o workaround=rename uib

where username is replaced by your actual username. You will now read and write directly to the file server if you access the directory uib. (The option -o workaround=rename allows you to replace an existing file say “x” with another file say “y” by the command “mv y x”.) In order to unmount the file server you issue the command

fusermount -u uib

Please be aware that the machine becomes unresponsive if the internet connection is lost while a directory is mounted with sshfs.

2. If you use samba you first need to make a VPN-connection.
Open Nautulis (File Browser), under File, choose “Connect to Server”. Then choose “Windows share” instead of “Public FTP”. Fill in “” as server and click “Connect”. In the next dialog specify “UiB” as Domain Name, you enter your password, and you should obtain a window with your folders in it when you click “Connect”.

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